Personality Development camp of Kumaris at Jaipur


A 3-day Personality Development Shivir was held at Rajyoga Bhawan, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur from 30th June to 2nd July, 2016.  A batch of 50 kumaris participated in the camp. Writing letter to Baba was also explained to them. The main subjects were Purity, Happiness, Honesty,  etc.  Workshops, Essay Writing, speech, games, Yoga exercises, dance, singing and other activities also included in the camp. Importance of cleanliness, gardening and kitchen activities were also taught to the participants.  Collective photos were also taken.
Member of Parliament (MP) Shri Ramcharan Bohra, Jaipur, Shri Satish Punia, Pradesh Maha Mantri (Regional General Secretary), BJP) and Vishnu Laata, Chairman, Nagar Nigam, Jaipur also addressed the group.
On the whole the camp was a very successful and many of the participants vouched to become Rajyoga Teacher Brahma Kumaris.